Tribute Of Honor Is Dedicated To Our American Heroes.
To Their Service And Sacrifice. To Defending Our Freedom.

Quality commemorative products with portions of each sale going directly to the American Eagle Children Dream Wish Foundation. We will support American heroes, veterans, emergency service personnel and their families.

Welcome. And thank you for visiting this website dedicated to those Americans serving our country - and to our nation's past, present, and future leaders. We thank them daily for protecting our lives, our homes and our borders. To these American heroes: thank you, for your dedication and for all that you continue to do.

Founded by retired firefighter and 9/11 emergency response veteran, Marc Klein, Tribute of Honor, Incorporated is the first dedicated corporation honoring our American heroes.

We create custom retirement, event, and dedication memorabilia - along with themed calendars celebrating outstanding heroism.

Our full color calendars are unique in nature. They preserve truth while bringing out what is vital and essential in each memorialized timeline or event. Our commitment to clients is to provide the perfect creative spark to enhance beauty and lasting relevance.

A Few Words From A Retired Professional Firefighter Serving His Community For 31 years - Tribute Of Honor, Incorporated CEO Marc E. Klein:

A great leader once said: “My fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” (John F. Kennedy, January 20th 1961.)

Marc E. Klein,
CEO, Tribute Of Honor, Incorporated

Truly inspiring words. I spent 31 years as a professional firefighter protecting and serving the citizens of my community. The United States Government gave me the opportunity to serve my country and I did so with respect, honor, courage and commitment. Just like many other men and women who have stood up for America and its values.

Alongside me were heroes of all types past, present and future - men and women who wore a uniform in protecting and serving our country here or abroad. We have stood proud honoring our American values. We thank you and God Bless…

We may have lost loved ones, but their memories are etched in our hearts forever.

On 9/11, my heart was filled with great sadness. What was to come? How were we going to cope with the magnitude of the event which unfolded in front of all of us on that horrific day? I kissed my wife, hugged my family and shared with them my inner thoughts. Not knowing when or if I would ever return to them. And there were other unknown variables: how will we cope, where do we turn, and how can we best honor the memories of those heroes lost?

I would like to share with you some encouraging words of hope. I wrote them on September 18th, 2001 - one week after the tragic event of September 11th.

We salute our brave men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Through their actions and unselfish act of courage, we became stronger and more determined to protect our way of life.
Their actions told a story, one that defines the complecity of the tasks they faced at that instant.
We will forever honor their courage, dedication, and commitment to all humankind.
The story of their heroism will be forever told, and their sacrifices etched in our hearts.
The unsung heroes of September 11 will always stand before us, uniting us.
During a time of terror and chaos our country stood together.
Our American flag was widely and proudly displayed to show our respect.
Yes - together we could and did make a difference.

We will never forget what occurred on that horrific day as time stood still around the world. We came together as a nation, and allies around the world mourned with us. President Bush humbly asked for our prayers, as all of us focused on that which truly unites us.

Many of these 9/11 heroes are now in their final resting place. We will always pay tribute to those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. We stood together - tall, proud and united across America, flying our colors of red, white and blue in the land of the free and the home of the brave. God Bless the United States of America,

We pay tribute and salute this great nation:
To the employees who worked in the World Trade Centers
and the passengers, pilots and crew members of the stricken aircrafts.
To the United States Military personnel and citizens who perished at the Pentagon,
And to the firefighters, police officers, EMS Personnel and other responders.
To all the countries that lost loved ones in this attack we stand united.
We salute them all and honor their heroic contributions.

This website is equally dedicated to the men and women who today protect our country domestically or on foreign soil. Our common American values unite us.

Thank you for visiting the Tribute Of Honor, Incorporated website. As you explore our product catalog you'll sample over 60 unique tribute calendars, and the Freedom Garden of 113 different patriotic songs. As our Garden grows the names of loved ones will appear throughout. Upon reaching our goal of $5 million, this Garden will become a physical reality all can visit.

May you be safe and blessed,